Amorim Filmes is a production company located in Brasilia, Brazil that opened its doors in 2011. The company works producing documentary series, children’s content and animation, with a strong focus on the socio-environmental area. The production company is responsible for supervising the production of “Sesame Workshop” (from the creators of Sesame Street) in Brazil, numerous public service campaigns for Sesame Street and its animation series called “Elmo’s Challenge”, along with formats for the new Sesame Street season, which premiered March 6th on the Brazilian channels TV Cultura and TV Brasil. Amorim Filmes produces the series “É Coisa Nossa” (It’s Our Thing), presented by Zeca Baleiro and aired on the Canal Futura channel. The company also produced the documentaries “Água e Cooperação, Reflexões para um Novo Tempo” (Water and Cooperation, Reflections for a New Time), “A Voz das Avós” (The Voice of the Grandmothers) and “Agroflorestar” (Agroforestry), all of which air on the Cine Brasil TV channel. Amorim Filmes is in the final phases of producing the series “Manual de Sobrevivência para o Século 21” (Survival Manual for the 21st Century), starring actor Marcos Palmeira. The production company also received a grant from the FSA audiovisual sectorial fund to develop the animation series “Orozimba e o Oboé” (Orozimba and the Oboe).